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Yoga Mara

About Yoga Mara

Yoga Mara co-founders and sisters, Rachel and Hannah Healy, are both qualified yoga instructors, mindfulness leaders and wellness advocates who provide weekly Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes. Their classes range from slow and meditative to more powerful and energising. 

Yoga Mara has been running high-end wellness escapes, yoga and mindfulness classes and wellness workshops since its launch in 2018. Along with the weekly classes, Yoga Mara will also be running bi-monthly wellness workshops at the range.


Hannah’s yoga teaching style brings with it an element of relaxation massage through hands on assist and energetic touch alignment. Hannah has also recently qualified as Holistic Massage Therapist and has a true passion and belief in healing through movement.


Rachel’s passion for yoga is preceded by a love of ballet and modern dance in her youth. She has been practicing yoga for many years but when she discovered Vinyasa flow yoga she immediately connected with this style where asanas are linked through the breath for a transformative and balancing effect. 

Through the practice of yoga, Rachel found something that could help keep her grounded and was a tool to help alleviate stress.


Tuesday at 10:00am: Gentle Flow (perfect for beginners) in Yoga Darsana Studio

Tuesday at 6:00pm: Athletes Yoga: Yin style yoga in Main Studio at the Range

Wednesday at 6:00pm: Athletes Yoga: Yin style yoga in Main Studio at the Range

Friday at 11:00am: Energising Vinyasa Flow in Yoga Darsana Studio

Saturday at 10:15am: Mixed Level Vinyasa Flow in Yoga Darsana Studio


“The yoga was a gorgeous, non-rushed, long flowing class. It was challenging but relaxing & reinvigorating.” – Amanda Brady