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About Johanne

Johanne Webb trained with Barbara Morgan in the UK in Gamily Constellations, and was then apprenticed to Barbara for subsequent facilitator training. She set up and runs the annual Family Constellations camp in Wicklow , now in it’s 7th year. Johanne holds a BA and MA in Theatre and Media for development, a certificate in NVC and NLP , and has 25+ years experience working as a facilitator in drama workshops. Her passion is looking at the barriers to each of us fulfilling our full potential and the ways in which doing our inner work can translate out into a fairer, kinder world.

A Family Constellations session typically consists of mediation, visualisations, exercises and personal/ group work. It looks at the hidden dynamics in our families, and the patterns we inadvertently repeat . It focuses on healing the past so we can live and love to the fullest. It is group work where we show up to support each other in our journeys. It is a fully confidential space and all participants will be asked to commit to that level of confidentiality to ensure safest possible environment for all. 


Thank you so much for everything. It was absolutely amazing. I felt like at home. Normally I'm a bit shy. Especially of my english, but on Sunday I felt great, didn't ashamed. Please, keep me informed about next events. I would love to attend
Nikoleta x
Thank you for another beautifully held, and deftly guided, day of exploration and discovery. I feel rejuvenated. I believe that what Bert Hellinger calls the field of knowing, Philip Shepherd calls the ground of our being. The place where what is, is true for each of us, simultaneously. It's an honour to stand with you in that ground, in that field, and a privilege to feel you navigate it so peacefully, and express it so eloquently.
"Johanne Webb is one of those people you work with and who you immediately want to work with again. She is a great communicator, naturally builds rapport with people and is somebody you can feel safe with and trust. She will deliver 150% on what she has been engaged to do. My experiences of working with Johanne is two-fold. She has delivered communication skills training for adaptas as part of a larger team, and she has also brought us through constellations for our business. We have many projects on the go and for a small business it is sometimes difficult to know where to put our focus, when there are only so many hours in every day. Working with Johanne helped us gain clarity and I believe it is something we need to do again soon with so much change and growth happening for us at the moment. I really look forward to working with Johanne, in any capacity, very soon"


Sessions are on Thursday evenings 19.30 to 22.00pm on March 10th, 17th, 24th. April 7th and 28th, more dates to be added. 

Please see for more info and details of booking. For further info you can also email