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Fiona O'Dwyer

About Fiona

Fiona is both a teacher and the owner of Galway pilates Reformer Studio. Fiona is passionate about health, movement and nutrition. Fiona’s style blends both Classical and Contemporary Pilates and she holds multiple certifications supporting her teaching in both.

In 22 years of teaching, Fiona O’Dwyer has developed almost X-ray like vision: an eye for the subtlest imbalances, paired with a finely tuned system for realigning  them.

Fiona’s experience has helped her build a means of scanning the body for strengths and weaknesses, which helps her then prescribe a bespoke series of recommended exercises to each individual. It’s crucial to have really good attention to detail when it comes to Pilates.

The strength in this system is its ability to constantly course-correct, no matter what life throws at us—catwalk-ready heels or neck-stiffening iPhones. What Pilates does is it keeps your body in balance.

Her classes

Galway pilates Reformer studio style is a blend of Classical and Contemporary Pilates. Regardless of your Pilates skill level, physical ability or body type, our professional expert and caring instructors provide a welcoming environment and a safe and powerful workout.

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates that strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and improves overall health. Pilates focuses on whole muscle groups rather than individual muscles, thereby strengthening and toning the whole body.  Pilates is an excellent practice for helping you achieve your specific fitness goals while improving your strength, flexibility, posture and balance.

My goal is to ensure every person in the class feels respected and transformed through the movement of Pilates.  I love getting to know each of my clients as friends and hearing their own wonderful life stories. From volunteers to actresses, students, models, solicitors, teachers, parents, doctors and coaches, each of them enriches Galway pilates and the city, in which we all work and live. I invite you to attend a class and experience the Galway pilates community for yourself.



Pilates Reformer 1:1 Private – In Studio or Online on ZOOM

Pilates Mat Group class – In Studio, In the Range, Salthill or Online on ZOOM

Pilates Swiss Ball Group class – In Studio or Online on ZOOM