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Claire Rowe

About Claire

Hi my name is Claire and I have a firm belief system in Yoga. It has helped me on so many levels as a person and in my life. I have a real love and passion for both practicing and teaching yoga. As cliché as it sounds ‘I Love what I Do and Do what I Love’. For me yoga is a daily part of life, not just a focus on physical posture, but a way to unite mind, body and spirit, to facilitate positive change.

Yoga has been scientifically proven to improve flexibility, improve mental health, may reduce inflammation, may reduce anxiety, boost immunity and improve the overall quality of life. 

I have been teaching yoga since 2012 where I trained with Sheila Coombs in Devon, Uk. Completing a 2-year diploma in Classical Indian Yoga (200HRs) I became pregnant with my 1 st daughter in 2014, now aged 7.5 and decided to train in Prenatal yoga. Completing an 80 Hr Diploma over 6 months in pregnancy yoga with Yoga Mumma’s in London, Uk. This training enabled me to adapt and understand yoga through the pregnant body and throughout the entire pregnancy. I taught pregnancy yoga from my home and in 2 establishments across Galway City. In 2017 I went onto give birth to my second little girl who is now 4.5 going on 12!! Then in 2019 I completed a further 300Hr Advanced Yoga teacher training with Shri Rada, Golden Glow Yoga in Galway over 10 months. Which gave me the chance to deepen my relationship with yoga, my teaching practice and all that it offers. During my teaching career I have also taught at a few toddler groups and preschools, where the children were aged 3-6.


Heart Womb Yoga-Prenatal Yoga Classes are designed for Mumma’s to be 13 weeks +. To find time for themselves, fully relax into the moment, build strength, increase flexibility and learn breath techniques to prepare for labour and birth.

The moment you step onto your mat, you are giving yourself permission to just be….to come into your heart and connect to your baby, away from day-to-day distractions, of family. work, life and career. Yoga can be the inner coach to prepare you for birthing your baby. Find stillness when chaos is all around.

Keep on practicing or begin a practice… These prenatal yoga classes will be mixed ability and adapt to individual needs if required.

Prenatal yoga classes are run every Monday 10-11am €12 per class or €60 block booking in advance, if you need to miss a class due to an appointment then that is fine, I get it!

Please bring your own mat, blanket and cushion

Mats and blankets can be provided if needed.