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Catherine o'Beirn

About Catherine

Hi, my name is Catherine O’Beirn. I’m an ex-primary teacher from Spiddal who discovered the power of breathwork while teaching in India 2020. It was there I was told by an ayurvedic doctor that physically I was in good shape but there was a trauma holding me back that needed releasing. He prescribed me Breathwork. Having suffered from asthma all my life I knew that this was our life force and I was curious as to what to expect. The results were that I’d a massive transformation and knew I had to learn these techniques to teach people how they can heal themselves.

I trained under Mike O’Meadhra, Celtic Breathwork guidance during lockdown in India. I practiced continuously, enthusiastically compiling my portfolio of case studies while there. I also completed an online facilitators course with Breathlab and furthered my studies by attending Samma Karuna’s Breathwork facilitation training in Greece, where we were empowered to create our own unique style. 

Since then I’ve been developing my own practice locally with groups of up to 12 people in 6-week courses and in-person 1:1 sessions as well as online.

Breathwork is the practice of intentionally changing your breathing pattern for an extended period of time to promote healing and personal growth. This conscious connected breath pattern firstly activates our nervous system, allowing one to disengage from excessive thinking and ultimately sink into a deep relaxation which nourishes one’s mental, emotional and physical well being.

It is well known that meditation reaps many benefits. However, it requires a considerable amount of practice, discipline and the ability to sit still and silent with your thoughts, which isn’t easy for everyone. Breathwork is a shortcut to accessing these rewards through an active form of meditation accompanied by loud music.

Breathwork has been proven to help a wide range of issues including stress and anxiety, depression, grief and emotional pain which unfortunately have become a common everyday problem for many people in our society.


Intermediate Class

Every Wednesday from 8:00-9:30pm

Beginner 6 Week Course- Focusing on Alleviating Anxiety

Fridays 8th of April from 7:30-9:30pm

Online Class every Thursday from 8:00-9:00pm

1:1 Sessions available

For Further Information

Contact Cath on 0852267910

Facebook: Free Flow Breath 

Instagram: freeflowbreath3___